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"Work Smart, Dream with Heart.

Are you a Entrepreneurial Spirit ready to take Aligned Action on your Inspired Idea? Welcome to a special place I created to help you along your journey to creating your Soul-Based Business.

Hello Creative, my name is Nadia! I’m an Intuitive Founder and Podcast host living in Hawaii. I am here to help you tap into your gifts, earn wealth and create work that LIGHTS YOU UP!

Work & Woo

Gain Clarity & Stability in your Life.

Intuitive Reading

Tap into the gifts, talents and knowledge you already have to become more clear about your life & work.

Online Program

7 Week Intuitive which include coaching calls, Q&A, and a Mastermind group of likeminded Creatives.

Where Dreams Are Made Podcast

Listen every month to special guests who have turned their Inspired Idea into a Success Story. Tune into the Founders & Dreamers series.

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“Ideation is your greatest gift, not your weakness.”

Nadia Bernardy

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