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"Work Smart, Dream with Heart.

Are you a Dream-Driven Creative ready to take Aligned Action on your Inspired Idea? Welcome to a special place I created to help you along your journey to transitioning away from work that drains you to work that fulfills you.

Hello Creative, my name is Nadia! I’m an Intuitive Coach and Podcast host living in Hawaii. I am here to help you tap into your gifts, earn wealth and create work that LIGHTS YOU UP!

Work & Woo

Gain Clarity & Stability in your Life.

Intuitive Reading

Tap into the gifts, talents and knowledge you already have to become more clear about your life & work.

Online Program

8 Week Intuitive which include weekly coaching calls, Q&A, and a mastermind group of likeminded Creatives.

Where Dreams Are Made Podcast

Listen every month to special guests who have turned their Inspired Idea into a Success Story. Tune into the Founders & Dreamers series.

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“Ideation is your greatest gift, not your weakness.”

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