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Ready to go from Dreamer to Dream Founder? I am here to help you start your Online Business selling Digital Products and Online Programs. Lets take the skills and knowledge you already have to help others and create an amazing income online. The Internet is Always Hiring. Have you applied yet?

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My name is Nadia Bernardy I teach Creatives, like you, how to start a Dream-Driven Online Business. I started online for an unknown startup, turned $32B International brand, all while working on my laptop in Hawaii. I created my own online business with a dream and passion to help others who also desire to bring their ideas to life in the online space.
In 2008 I graduated from the Southwest University of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing. In 2018 I decided to rebrand my freelance web design business to focus on Business Coaching and Digital Products through  Work & Woo. I’ve been helping Creative Entrepreneurs start their business since 2008.

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"Thank you for helping us build Airbnb."

Joe, Nate and I want to thank you for not only being part of Airbnb, but for helping build Airbnb as one of our early employees. Few will understand just how different it was back then - it wasn’t as obvious we would be successful, there were fewer processes, and we all had to step up at a a frantic pace. Thank you for helping us build Airbnb. Thank you for carrying the culture forward. And thank you for being a great example for all of those who joined after you.

Airbnb Founders - Brian, Joe and Nate

When I’m not working I love to explore my island home with my husband and our daughter. I also love talking about all things success mindset, manifestation and entrepreneurship on my podcast Where Dreams Are Made.

Introducing the Founders & Dreamers Series. Every month I bring on special guests who have turned their Dream into a Success Story. New episodes every week.


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