live Masterclass

How to Uncover your Millionairess Idea in 2022

december 18th, 2021

11:00 am HST/ 1pm PST

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass:

The biggest thing holding you back from Wealth

There is one major reason you have not manifested the wealth you desire. We are going to uncover this thing and help you shift it quickly.

How to Rewire your Mind for Success, Wealth & Freedom

Did you know you can rewire your mind? The subconscious mind is truly powerful and you will learn simple tools to help you shift easily.

Tap into your Million Dollar Idea

We all have a million dollar idea within us. However most of us have put our dreams on the back burner. Let's tap into your idea and bring it to life in 2022

About Nadia Bernardy

Wealth Mindset + Manifestation Mentor

Founder of Millionairess Rewire, Nadia is on a Mission to Rewire your Mind for Success, Wealth & Freedom through Powerful Methods and Spiritual Tools.