21 Days to Uncover your Soul Calling

I am here to help you tap into your superpower, answer your soul calling and create work that

The book will walk you through taking aligned action on your inspired ideas.

Dreams are wonderful but if you do not start taking action on them they will always stay a dream. This book will walk you through how to connect back to yourself and set a clear intention to start taking action. We often get disconnected from our dreams and do not believe it is possible to achieve them. Your dreams are there for a reason and you are meant to bring them into reality.

Dreams are made on the other side of taking daily aligned action. The action will always be action you can take and your dreams are yours for a reason. The 21 Day transformation in this book will guide you towards your intuition so that you can align your Soul, Path and Superpower. It is perfect for anyone who wants to tap into their intuition to start something new of transition in life and work.

The aligned action will always be action you can take.

Who is Spiritual Teacher Nadia Bernardy?

Nadia Bernardy is a Spiritual Teacher, Writer and Podcast Host living in Hawaii. She helps people uncover their soul calling. She has been helping people align their mind, gifts and spirit on her podcast. She also offers 1:1 numerology readings and online programs to help people along their journey to manifesting their dream life and work. With a BA in Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing, she started online for an unknown StartUp turned $32B International brand all while working from her laptop on Maui. 
She has been helping creatives bring their inspired ideas to life since 2008.

Book Coming Summer 2022