Discover But First, Dream Bigger

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But First, Dream Bigger is an invitation for you to take action on the dream that has been tapping you on the shoulder. is intuitive 21 day guide will take you from feeling called to start to giving you powerful insights to move you forward. 

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What an exciting
project! Wishing you all the success in the world.


Just preordered the book. More than happy to support Nadia in her journey that she is so passionate about. She is one of the kindest people in this world, and she deserves this success. Can’t wait to see her book being sold at Barnes and Noble. Wishing her all the best and good luck with her book.


Proud of you, Nadia!!! 



But First, Dream Bigger

Throughout the book Nadia Mau Bernardy will share how she was able to manifest her dream life, career, relationship and family in Hawaii based on goal she set when she was 16 years old. After suffering from burnt out in 2017 she started down a spiritual path which led her to uncovering her soul calling as a life coach and business mentor. Throughout the 21 days you will discover spiritual and personal growth tools to help you connect to your true calling and potential.

includes Guided Meditations & JOURNAL PROMPTS 

  • Cosmic Meets Earth Grounding Meditation
  • Ideal Dreamy Day Meditation
  • Boost your Confidence Aura Meditation

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"Ideation is your greatest gift, not your weakness."

- Nadia Mau Bernardy