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Nadia is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever met and has built her career working from home on the north shore of Maui. She has proven that you can work from anywhere and have the best kind of success professionally and personally. She has such a balanced life and outlook. 

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Manifest your Dream Life

Dream Life Coaching Sessions will focus on Four Transformational Areas with a foundation in Spiritual and Personal Growth Tools.

  1. 1
    Blueprint to Dream BIGGER | What Dream are you putting on the Back Burner? We will start off by getting clear on what dream you have been wanting to take action on but keep saying, not today, tomorrow or I'll start next week. Now you've realized next week has turned into 3 years later and you still haven't moved forward. Don't get discouraged this is exactly what Dream BIGGER coaching was designed for. We will first connect to this dream, bring it back to life and map out a plan to start taking action on it. With support you can manifest easily.
  2. 2
    Creative Windows of Time |  One of the BIGGEST factors that gets in the way of us moving forward on our dreams is time. We are constantly telling ourselves we do not have enough time. But the truth is there is plenty of time you are just focusing on things that are not geared towards your dreams. Together we will dive deeper into the creative windows of time that are available to you daily. Then you will make a dream life and work ritual to use this time towards your dream.
  3. 3
     Ideal Dreamy Life and Work | Are you currently living your ideal dreamy day? Once you realize how much creative time you have this will allow you to start designing your ideal dreamy day. The more you focus on the time you do have the more your life and work will start to open up to you. On days when you were busy from 8am to 5pm with barely any time for lunch, a scheduling shift will occur where you suddenly are free until 10 am or that last task of the day is accomplished by someone else and you are done at 4pm. No matter how it occurs once you are open to the schedule of your dreams things will move and rearrange to accommodate you. It is truly dreamy, trust me.
  4. 4
    Aligned Action | When a dream is meant to come to fruition the aligned action will ALWAYS be action you can take. We often put so many steps in front of the next step. We want to start a business, but first we have to raise funding, or find a designer for a logo, or talk to 15 different people about our idea to see what they think. Instead of just taking the fist step to launch it by posting the news of social media or creating simple payment link for people to pay us. Your dream is right in front of you and the step you need to take is clear. Sometimes we just need an outside perspective to show us the way which is what Dream BIGGER Life Coaching was designed for.
  5. 5
    BONUS Dreamwork | Are you familiar with Dreamwork? It is the art of taking insights from the astral realm and using them in every day waking life. There is so much guidance and support in the dreams we have while we sleep. However most of us are completely disconnected from our dreams and rarely remember them. Throughout the 4 weeks of coaching you will also be provided with simple journal prompts and mediations to help you connect to the answers given to you while you sleep. Are you ready to manifest your dream? Enroll below to learn more about how Dream Life Coaching can help you.
One-on-one Dream Life Coaching

Work 1:1 with Nadia to gain clarity on your dream life over 4 weeks. Each session will last 45 Minutes.

Personal Growth Tools for Female Entrepreneurs

Each session you will gain insights on a new tool you can use to improve your life and work.

Video Recordings
with Digital Journal

You will receive a video recording of each session for your reference, plus a digital journal.

Praise and Testimonials

Yes I need to connect to my soul, thank you for your help.

Paul Simmons

Thank you so much, I have been doing the things you told me to work on.


Oh wow! Thank you, I was not expecting that.

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Doing this personal work is hard. Thank you for sharing your energies with me.


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About Nadia

Nadia Mau Bernardy is a Spiritual Life Coach, Business Mentor and Writer Based in Maui, Hawaii. She was named one of the Top 50 Coaches on the Joy+ App in 2022. She graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing from the South West University of Visual Arts in Albuquerque, NM. After graduating she helped grow an unknown tech unicorn into a $75 Billion International Brand, all while working from her laptop in Hawaii. After suffering from burnt out she started down a spiritual path which led her to starting her dream business. She now helps women & men go from corporate burnt out to soul-led lifestyle through life coaching, online courses and workshops. When she is not coaching she loves to explore her island home with her husband and daughter.

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