How to Use Your Story to Transform People's Lives with Relationship Coach Julia Phoenix

Founder & Dreamer Julia

Guest Julia Phoenix is a Speaker, Relationship Coach and Transformational Healer who has been helping women and couples since 2015. With a Masters Degree in Human Development she has a long history of working in early childhood education. She applies her knowledge of child development in her work with adults in the form of inner child work and specializes in helping adults heal attachment wounding and developmental trauma, so that they may enjoy happier healthier relationships. 

“It really is our stories that can really help save people’s lives. ” Julia Phoenix 

Key Questions & Discussions |
(2:42) What inspired you to become a Relationship Coach?
(10:10) Discuss | Taking Action through your story
(12:44) Can you share more about your work? And specifically Inner Child work?
(15:45) Discuss | Working through Pain and the joy on the other side of it
(17:17) What can people do on their own before working with a Relationship Coach?
(20:44) Discuss Inner Child
(21:22) What common themes do you see with women and couples?
(27:07) What do your Relationship Sessions look like for someone who is new and may have fear around working with someone?
(31:30) What are some insights on getting started as a coach?
(34:27) Discuss | Sharing and connecting through your story
(40:10) Learn and Julia’s work and connect with her after the episode 

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