What can you expect from a
Numerology Reading? 

Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Numerologist
 & Writer
 Nadia Mau Bernardy

Intuitive Numerology Reading

Each one of us has a unique soul-led blueprint that is found within the Numerology behind our birthday. Understanding the ancient language of the Universe will help you to uncover what your Soul is calling you to do and how it impacts your Life and Work. 

Numerology looks at 5 Key areas of your birthday, your Soul Number, Gift Number, Karma Number, Destiny Number and Path Number. After your reading you will understand what each of these numbers represent , which areas are your strengths, which areas are your challenges, along with insights on how to work with them daily.

What's included in your 45 Minutes Numerology Reading


25 Minute Numerology Reading with Nadia
For the first half of the reading your numerology chart will b explained to you based on the five key areas, which are your Soul, Superpower (aka Gift), Karma, Destiny and Path numbers.


20 Minute 1:1 Spiritual Growth Mentoring with Nadia
The second half of your reading we will go over any specific areas of concerns with in depth insights or how you can strengthen any challenge areas. You will be able to ask specific questions about your life and work for further clarity for spiritual and personal growth.


45 Minute Video Recording + Digital Numerology Chart
72 Hours after your session your will receive the video recording of your reading for your reference. Nadia will also create a digital Numerology Chart with powerful journal prompts tp help you further reflect on your numbers and areas of growth.


BONUS: Interested in Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions?
After you have received your Numerology Reading you can reserve additional guidance through a 6 Week Spiritual Life Coaching Package with a $111 Credit.

Spiritual Life Coaching.

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Is this right for you?

Numerology Readings are right for you if you are feeling disconnected from your soul calling and just want some insight. You are not just curious but are looking for specific tools and tips to help you in your life and work. You may be searching for clarity in which direction to take your life next. Are currently making a transition in life or starting something new. This is for the Dreamer, The Soul Seeker, The Multi-Passionate Creative and The Divine Leader. You got your Astrology Chart, understand your Human Design and now you just need your Numerology Reading. I'll be here for you when you are ready.

How it works

Order your Numerology Reading for $111.11 USD plus tax by clicking the button below.

After you purchase an email with be sent with a calendar link to book your day and time.
If you do not see and day or time that works for you please respond to the email to coordinate further.
All 1:1 readings will be done with Certified Numerologist Nadia via video through Zoom.
If you prefer an audio reading or pre-recorded reading please reply to the calendar email after booking with your request.


To secure your spot please purchase the Numerology Reading first.
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* Please note Numerology Readings are non-refundable.

Just Curious?


Disclaimer: Numerology Readings are for informational purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for medical advice. Nadia Mau Bernardy is not a licensed medical professional.