What can you expect from a Numerology Reading? 
Soul-led Wealth, Business Success & the Lifestyle of your Dreams!

Spiritual Teacher + Numerologist
 Nadia Mau Bernardy

Transformational Numerology Reading

Each one of us has a unique soul-led blueprint that is found within the Numerology behind our birthday. Understanding the ancient language of the Universe will help you to uncover what your Soul is calling you to do and how it impacts your Life, Business and Wealth. 

the Divine Feminine Leader your Soul is calling you to be.

These teachings are designed to help you to start taking bold action in your business, feel confidant with sharing your authentic message, and use your voice to make an impact on those who need to hear what you have to say.

It first starts with rewriting the old stories that are no longer serving you or the work you are meant to do. Tapping away limiting beliefs around Wealth (Money), Success and your Dream Lifestyle through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), so you can be the Divine Feminine Leader you wish to see in the world.

It is time for you to start seeing your business as an asset. To start creating from a place of building a legacy, an impactful brand and create generational wealth. To give back to organizations you believe in without worrying about how you are going to support yourself, run your business and be there for your family. To create a solid foundation so that there is more than enough for you and those you love.

Millionairess Rewire is a Methodology, a Mastermind of Empowered Women and a Financial Movement. We need more Divine Feminine Leaders in the world and your time is Now.

What is included in your 1 Hour Numerology Reading


30 Minute Numerology Reading with Nadia
For the first half of the reading your numerology chart will b explained to you based on the five key areas, which are your Soul, Superpower (aka Gift), Kara, Destiny and Path numbers.


30 Minute 1:1 Spiritual Growth Mentoring with Nadia
The second half of your reading we will go over any specific areas of concerns with in depth insights or how you can strengthen any challenge areas. You will be able to ask specific questions about your life and work for further clarity for spiritual and personal growth.


60 Minute Video Recording + Digital Numerology Chart
72 Hours after your session your will receive the video recording of your reading for your reference. Nadia will also crate a digital Numerology Chart with powerful journal prompts tp help you further reflect on your numbers and areas of growth.


BONUS: Decoding your Birthday Workshop
If you are not ready to book a reading but are SUPER curious what your Birthday says about you, enroll in the Pre-recorded Decoding you Birthday Workshop below.
After you have taken the workshop and you decide you want more insights come back to book your Numerology Reading with Nadia.

Lifetime Growth

This work is Powerful, Transformational and will provide you with the Mindset and Spiritual Tools you will use for life. As a Founding Member of this program you will receive lifetime access to the content with all future upgrades. This program also includes the Millionairess Rewire Mastermind Group with other Female Founders who will be doing this work with you and be supporting you along the way.

The Millionairess Rewire Method is perfect for you if you started your business with the intention of growing it into a thriving business. Right now your business is either a side hustle, small business or you are a Soloprenuer but you desire to be a Wealthy Woman, a 7 Figure CEO and a Divine Feminine Leader. You have been working on your business and taking action but you feel like something is holding you back and you are not sure what it is. Millionairess Rewire Method will guide you to shift the beliefs and stories that are no longer serving you or the life and business that you have been dreaming of.

To secure your spot book a 1:1 Deep Dive with Nadia to discuss the program further.
* Please note if you do not see a day/ time that works for you EMAIL to find another spot.