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Welcome to a special place I created to help you connect to your Soul Work, find your Path in Life, and tap into your SUPERPOWER!

Podcast Episodes on Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Wealth Mindset & Personal Growth for  Female Soulfulpreneurs with a Calling.

Should you pivot from a traditional business to a spiritual business?

If you are feeling the call to pivot your business this episode is for you. Many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with this question and fear making the leap. Tune in if this is where you currently are with your like and work. You are not alone.

How to Know if you are a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Do you feel called to understand your soul purpose? Do you have a calling to start something but are still searching? Tune in to learn if you are meant to create your soul purpose business and brand.

How you can use Dreamwork to manifest your Dream life & work?

Learn how to manifest your dream life and work (or business) by using the powerful practice of Dreamwork.

What are the Abundance Archetypes?

Learn about the 5 different Abundance Archetypes and how to use yours to manifest money, wealth & abundance with ease.

Welcome to the Abundance Archetypes Podcast with

Nadia Mau Bernardy

Intro episode to the

Abundance Archetypes Podcast

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