How to Awaken your Financial Potential with Abby Vick of Paradigm Money Management

Founder & Dreamer Abby Vick of Paradigm Money Management

Guest Abby Vick is the Owner and Founder of Paradigm  Money Management  she is the leading expert on empowering women through money strategies to awaken their financial potential.

As the author of Your Dream Retirement and the creator of multiple financial programs for women, including Your Dream Retirement and The Freedom Shift, Abby is passionate about helping women be financially literate in order to have options and freedom in their lives. Her insights have been featured multiple times in Insurance News Net, one of the most highly regarded industry publications.

With a degree in Social Work and a decade of experience working to empower women to accomplish their financial goals and dreams, Abby is widely regarded as a guide and mentor to women seeking a better financial future for themselves. Her work history includes working in the Active Trader Group at Charles Schwab, where she was one of only two women helping investors make smart financial decisions. Having built over $200million in retirement income plans, Abby is an expert in setting her clients up for long term financial success.

“We don’t grow up having conversations about investing, we are not sitting with our girlfriends at brunch talking about how our stock portfolios are doing but I really wish that was part of the conversation.” Abby Vick

Key Questions & Discussions |
(1:55) How did you get into the Money Management space?
(4:24) Discuss | Making Money part of the conversation
(5:05) If someone is new to Money Management where can they start?
(7:30) How have you helped people who are not confident with their money management and are afraid to talk about it?
(11:11) What are the common mistakes and the good things people are doing with their money?
(16:49) Why has money management been such a male dominate industry?
(19:19) What advice can you give to someone who is new to business and managing their money?
(23:46) Discuss | New Business and Money
(26:08) What tips do have around finding investors?
(30:22) Any key tips for businesses in 2020?
(35:00) If someone is interested in becoming a financial advisor where can they get started?
(36:55) What are some key Actions you can leave the listeners with today?
(38:51) Learn about a Special Free Gift From Abby

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