Why it is Vital to Equip the Next Generation with Mindfulness Tools with Belinda Jennings Founder of School of Stuff that Matters

Founder & Dreamer Belinda Jennings of School of Stuff that Matters

Guest Belinda Jennings is the Founder of School of Stuff that Matters. She is on a mission to equip today’s teens with simple techniques that have a life-changing impact so they can create happy and fulfilling lives. With over 20 years of teaching experience Belinda is trained in social and emotional learning, she shares valuable insights into techniques she wished she had as a teenager. Today’s teens are faced with more complexities than ever with social media and the pressures to do well in school. 

Belinda has created several online programs such as Stress Less, Unwind your Mind with Art, Plan to Feel Good and several more helpful resources for today’s teens. If you are a parent of a teen or maybe a teen yourself be sure to tune in and browse the School of Stuff that Matters resources and courses to learn more.

“Students feel bad because they are not doing well at school and it’s not that they are failing school it’s that the education system is failing them.” Belinda Jennings

Key Questions & Discussions |
(4:44) What inspired you to start School of Stuff that Matters?
(8:00) Do you feel strongly that mindfulness techniques should be included in the school system, or should it remain separate?
(13:13) Discuss | Teens and Social Media
(18:48) Discuss | Parenting Shifts
(21:40) Discuss | Teens and Friendships
(24:21) Tips & Insights for Parents who want to help teens with mindfulness
(29:50) Discuss | Teens in 2020
(33:15) How can mindfulness help teens as they transition into adulthood?
(35:00) Do you think schools will shift and evolve with the times?
(36:00) Discuss different teaching styles and how everyone learns differently.
(38:08) What advice can you give to teachers in the educational space who are looking for other ways to support students?
(45:45) Belinda shares an action.

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