How to Start a Business by Stepping into your Power with Júlio Maria Muhorro
of Sharing Knowledge International

Founder & Dreamer Júlio Maria Muhorro

Guest Júlio Maria Muhorro is an Award Winning Business Advisor, Career Counsellor, Transformational Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker. In 2019 alone he was recognized as one of 100 Most Influential Young Africans, and became a holder of the prestigious The Diana Award, and won the Most Outstanding Delegate Award at Global Goals Model United Nations.

Júlio is the Founder of Sharing Knowledge International, which enables powerful personal transformations to drive a career, business, and life fulfillment. All, deeply powered by a strong sense of purpose. He uses his experience within Management, Entrepreneurship Training, Business Advisory, and Career Coaching to enable people and organizational growth.

“Ideas are beautiful, they can be powerful, but until you go and implement it they are just ideas” Júlio Muhorro

Key Questions & Discussions |
(1:51) Why are you so passionate about helping other people achieve growth in their pursuit of success, and what led you to this space to begin with?
(5:55) Where do you think that struggle comes from for people who have the desire and vision to start but are not moving forward?
(9:49) Discuss | A lot of people align having a job with security but it is not always the most secure.
(11:18) Are you starting to see a shift with more people reaching out to you about how to get into the entrepreneurial space?
(13:12) Information Overload | What do you think is the best way for people to find the right information so that they can take action instead of being in a loop?
(18:28) Discuss | Connection and Collaboration
(23:23) Discuss | Your Outcomes are determined by your operating system
(32:37) What are your thoughts on Being busy vs. getting things done?
(42:52) What is an Action you can share with the Listeners today to help them on their Online Business journey?

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