How Uncovering your Top Strengths Leads to Success with Katya Nicholas Clifton StrengthsFinder Coach

Founder & Dreamer Katya Nicholas

Guest Katya Nicholas is a Clifton StrengthsFinder Coach. She helps people identify their strengths so that they can have successful careers, business’ and lives. Uncovering your Top Strengths not only helps you in your business and career but in so many areas of life. Katya is passionate about helping her clients work with their strengths and not against them so they can infuse more energy into everything they do.

If you are curious what your strengths are and how you can use them in your work be sure to connect with Katya after the episode. She will help you with taking the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment and provide further clarity on how you can ring more success into your life and work.

“It is quite literally about energy. We need to focus on more things that energize us, because you will create renewable energy for yourself. ” Katya Nicholas

Key Questions & Discussions |
(5:18) What inspired you to become a Clifton StrengthsFinder Coach?
(10:10) What shifts have you noticed in working with clients? Howe can understanding our strengths really help us?
(15:15) How is working against your Strengths keeping you from moving forward?
(17:50) How can people really connect with their Strengths when starting something new?
(30:50) How can listeners become a StrengthsFinder Coach?
(34:05) Discuss | Katya and Nadia’s similar Strength
(35:50) How can people work with you and discover their Top 5 Strengths?
(41:14) Katya shares an Aligned Action

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