Unearth your Empowered Femme Fatale with Transformational Coach Menellia Valcent

Founder & Dreamer Menellia Valcent

Guest Menellia Valcent is a Transformational Life Coach helping women who are ready to unearth their inner confidence to show up more boldly in their lives and work. She shares the three Power Codes to break down the generational blueprint of lack and scarcity. She also dives into her Four Signature Femme Fatals.

Menellia’s  Mission is to Awaken Your Dormant Femme Fatale. To Guide And Shift You Into Claiming Your True Power As Woman, A Queen, A Leader. IN YOUR LIFE & BUSINESS!

“Tap into your inner Femme Fatale.Menellia Valcent

Key Questions & Discussions |
(1:50) Get to know you questions, Where are you based?
(2:42) What do you recommend people experience when they come to visit?
(4:14) Dream Location to visit or a travel destination you recommend?
(5:21) What drew you into the space of Transformational Life Coaching for Women?
(18:35) Where are your clients at in their journey when you start to work with them?
(22:59) Discuss | Generational blueprint of lack and scarcity
(29:42) What are some tips or habits you could give to someone who is holding themselves back in life and business?
(36:00) How do you go about finding a coach or mentor that truly aligns with you and your strengths?
(41:12) What Coaching Services do you offer to help Women on their journey?
(45:00) Key Action Steps from Menellia

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