Change your Vibration Change your Life with Award-Winning Mindset and Manifestation Coach Michelle Pound

Founder & Dreamer Michelle Pound

Guest Michelle Pound is an Certified Mindset and Manifestation Coach, Award-Winning Instructor and Motivational Speaker. She works with women to unlock the power of their minds, tap into the universe and create their Dream Life.

If you are in pursuit of your best life, look no further. Whether it’s building your empire, taking that dream vacation or finding the love of your life it’s time to make it happen. When you learn how to co-create with the universe truly anything is possible.  

“You are always manifesting all the time, either consciously or unconsciously.” Michelle Pound

Key Questions & Discussions |
(6:06) What drew you into manifestation and helping women achieve their dream life?
(11:29) Did you make the connection early on that you needed to make a change due to your work or did that come later?
(12:50) How can someone who is new to manifestation use it in their life?
(15:54) Discuss | The Universal Law of Vibration
(16:26) Discuss | The power of your words and manifestation
(18:18) What are some common themes you see in working with people who are lacking clarity in different areas, especially work and career?
(20:35) In a world where we are looking external. How do you connect back to yourself and help others do the same?
(26:12) Discuss | The Flow vs. Hustle Mentality
(28:22) If someone is feeling called to Mindset and Manifestation but are not sure where to start what insights can you share?
(32:26) What offerings do you provide to help people on their journey?
(35:10) Key Action Steps from Michelle

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