Where the Future of Online Courses Are Headed with Tom Libelt
of Smart Brand Marketing

Guest Tom Libelt learned from a young age how to sell and negotiate business by getting haggled by Russian vendors. His family moved from Poland to the US to escape communism, and his parents took any job they could to survive. Seeing all this as a young man motivated him to never want a job and keep moving forward as an entrepreneur, publisher, salesman, and one of the top Polish hip hop artists.

Tom spends most of his time in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He runs Smart Brand Marketing and We Market Online Courses. Tom seems like one of those guys with the Midas Touch, where everything he works on turns into gold. He has published around 5000 Kindle books, built a successful SEO & online course marketing business, partnered with a Muay Thai champion, owned a coffee shop, a retail store, a record label, created a documentary, and released two albums with five hits on top ten Polish radio. All of it was bootstrapped and done with zero outside funding.

“You think for 40 Hours and Hustle for 2.” Tom Libelt 

Key Questions & Discussions 

(1:03) What inspired you to start an Online Business?
(7:05) What is it like working from Thailand? Do you have a remote team?
(9:25) What services does your business provide? And at what stage of business are you helping people?
(17:07) What advice would you give to someone who has tons of ideas for a business and doesn’t know where to start?
(20:41) Discuss | Why it is so important to test ideas out and see what the market wants.
(25:44) What type of Online Courses do you think work the best now? Which is the best type of Online Course to get started with?
(29:33) What would be the price points of smaller niches for Online Courses?
(30:32) What do you think is the difference between Ads and Organic Traffic for marketing your Online Course?
(35:40) Discuss | Think of your business as an Ecosystem
(42:04) Where do you think the Online Course industry is headed?
(46:17) What is One Action step you can give to the listeners today?

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