How to Infuse more Happiness into your Life and Business
with Trudi Pavlovsky The Happiness Technician

Founder & Dreamer Trudi Pavlovsky, The Happiness Technician

Guest Trudi Pavlovsky, The Happiness Technician, based in Australia, helps people get back their positive vibe so they can makes theirs dreams a reality. If you need help busting through mindset barriers and rewriting old stories that are no longer serving you this is the episode for you.

She is an established and accredited life coach and NLP trainer for The Life Coaching Academy, you can draw on her experiences in NLP, Reiki, performance coaching, hypnosis, executive presentation training and experiential game creation to design unique and immersive experiences for  her client’s transformation.

Trudi has spent the last 8 years helping people to learn and grow through engaging content and coaching.

” We are conditioned on so many levels to live our lives in a certain way.” Trudi Pavlovsky

Key Questions & Discussions |
(1:38) What drew you into the space of Happiness and helping people on their journey to becoming happy?
(2:42) I would love to hear more about your personal story?
(5:00) What is your perspective on working with people who are unhappy with their work, career or business?
(9:00) Discuss | Not taking the traditional path in life and work.
(10:30) Discuss | The Idea Job Security vs. The Risk of Entrepreneurship
(13:00) How can we help people, especially dreamers, with taking action on their ides?
(15:30) What are your thoughts to having a positive mindset and having a happy life?
(18:34) Discuss | Identity and Stepping into something greater than yourself.
(19:19) Key Tip from Trudi
(25:10) What type of clients do you help? Are they also entrepreneurial?
(26:35) What are some key things that helped you along your business journey?
(29:38) What advice would you give to someone who is new to understanding their energy and rewriting old stories that no longer serve them?
(30:20) Discuss | The benefits of Business and Mindset Coaching
(34:49) What do you think stepping into your version of a Dream Life really means? And how can people release what it means for other people vs. themselves?
(36:31) What does Happiness look and feel like for you?
(40:30) What patterns are you noticing in your clients in regards to holding themselves back from taking action?
(42:49) A key message from Trudi
(43:30) Action | How can people Infuse more Happiness into their Life and Work?

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