How to take your Passion and Turn it into a Thriving Business with Karen Rosenblum Founder of Spain Less Traveled

Founder & Dreamer Karen Rosenblum

Karen Rosenblum is the Founder of Spain Less Traveled with over 20 years in the professional travel industry, she helps people experience a side a Spain they may not have thought to visit. She offers travel planning and consultations to ensure your trip is special, memorable and a once in a life time experience.

Karen is also the perfect example of someone who took their passion and turned it into a thriving business. She gives valuable insights on how she transitioned from her day job to her dream business. She also shares keys insights into what to expect from the travel space and industry moving into 2021.

“I do have hope for the travel industry that it is going to bounce back, and I think it is going to bounce back in ways that have needed to change about it. For example responsible travel. People are going to focus on making travel a once in a lifetime special experience.” Karen Rosenblum

Key Questions & Discussions |
(5:20) How did you get into travel and what inspired you to start your business?
(12:55) Discuss | Travel and starting a business
(13:50) How did you make that transition from 9to5 job to Entrepreneurship?
(18:22) What helped you along your entrepreneurial and travel space?
(22:12) What do you think the future of travel will look like in 2021?
(27:56) How dependent is Spain on tourism?
(32:00) What spots do you recommend to people wanting to experience Spain?
(37:36) What plans do you have for your business for the rest of 2020?
(40:10) Karen leaves you with one simple action to help you on your entrepreneurial journey

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