Decode your Abundance Archetype

There are 5 main Abundance Archetypes commonly seen in Soulfulprenuers. Uncover your main archetype to start manifesting more money. wealth and abundance into your Soul Business today!


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Thank you so much, I have been doing the things you told me to work on.

Haley Stunt - Designer

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Abundance Archetype Benefits

Have been struggling to attract money into your soul business? Tried other money manifestations techniques before that seem to work for everyone else but you? Then it is time you understand your unique way to attract money through your Abundance Archetype. There are 5 main archetypes and this wealthy workshop will guide you to understanding which one is your dominant way to manifest money easily. Enroll today and start living an abundant life!

Wealthy Workshop

Understand which one of the 5 Main Abundance Archetypes is the best way for you to manifest money.

Wealthy Workbook

Rewrite your beliefs about money, wealth & abundance with journal prompts designed to rewire your mindset.

Wealthy Guided Meditation

Use this meditation daily to help expand your money mindset and attract more abundance into your life & work.

Abundance Archetype Affirmations

Reprogram your mind with powerful abundant affirmations.

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